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Perfectly Retro Moments from 90s and 2000s DK Books

Perfectly Retro Moments from 90s and 2000s DK Books

Ever get overwhelmed by our futuristic, fast-paced world? Wish you could put down your virtual-reality-outer-space-iPhone and pick up a Tamagotchi™? Us too!

We’re taking a trip back to a simpler time, and revisiting some hilariously retro moments from 1990s and 2000s DK books. Let’s just say that photoshoots are not what they used to be!

1. Multi-Media: The Complete Guide (1996)

Depending on your age, you may or may not remember those few golden years in the 90s when CD-ROMS were the “it” method of travel. This woman is an absolute pro, casually soaring through the digital skies in her top-notch knitted jumper.

2. DK Essential Internet Guide (2000)

CUL8R, emojis. We’re brushing up on our abbreviations with these pro tips from the Millennium. IMO, these are great (just remember to tilt your head to the left to decode the emoticons!)

3. Complete Family Guide to Healthy Living (1992)

There are no two ways about it: this synchronized wine-drinking is on point. Take notes, wine lovers. The 90s were an elegant time.

4. K.I.S.S. Guide to Cat Care (2001)

Remember that time Christopher Walken wrote the foreword to our cat care book? No, but seriously. No, actually.

5. Complete Family Guide to Healthy Living (1992)

We are still waiting to love something as much as this man loves his burger. You just don’t see dedication like this anymore.

6. Colour Right Dress Right: The Total Look (1985)

The secret’s out: everyone’s been applying their make-up incorrectly for the last thirty years. What you’re really meant to do is hold your brushes in a stylish way around your face. I don’t know what we’ve been thinking.

7. Complete Family Guide to Healthy Living (1992)

The man who loves his burger has met his match. This woman loves her well-balanced diet so much that she’s arranged it around her and is taking time to give it the admiration it deserves. We applaud her.


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