The WWE Book of Top 10s book banner featuring Trish Stratus
The WWE Book of Top 10s book banner featuring Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus' “Top 10 Moves I Should Have Avoided”

Trish Stratus' “Top 10 Moves I Should Have Avoided”

From the greatest champions to memorable matches and everything in between, the best of more than 50 years of the WWE is ranked, once and for all in The WWE Book of Top 10s!

To celebrate this awesome illustrated book of lists, we're thrilled to offer an exclusive list from Richmond Hill Ontario's Trish Stratus. She made the transition from being a fan of WWE Superstars like Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan to having a tremendous career of her own in the WWE. The record setting seven-time WWE Women's Champion also became a WWE Hardcore Champion, a three time WWE Babe of the Year and was named WWE's Diva of the Decade before eventually being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

To commemorate the publication of The WWE Book of Top 10s, we asked Trish for a special list to share with her Stratuspherians and our readers. Enjoy!

Trish Stratus' "Top 10 moves I should have avoided"

1. Spear

If you ask Edge about this, he might say this 'StratusSpear' reeked of awesomeness.

2. RKO

During a 6 person match against Lita, Edge and Randy Orton, my partners Cena and Carlito and I thought this really was outta nowhere.

3. Chokeslam

I was just minding my own business, cutting a promo in my hometown of Toronto, and here comes this 7 foot monster Kane to ruin everything. It basically felt like he dropped me off of the top of the CN Tower.

4. Stinkface

That was a deep, dark time that I don't like to talk about.

5. Powerbomb off the top rope, through the table

Yes, I may have been antagonizing Bubba Ray Dudley at the time, but this was a bit over the top. And, yes, I was perhaps mean-spirited, but that doesn't explain why the crowd cheered so loudly for that.

6. Walls of Jericho

Some would argue that I was being a bit of a jerk and I deserved this, but c'mon people, let's remember he made a bet over me for a lousy loonie, which is $1 for my non-Canadian Stratuspherians! Yeah, a dollar...

7. Unprettier

Although Christian's move is quite effective, I question its touted lasting effects. I personally didn't see too much un-prettying after this.

8. Pedigree

I can tell you that my tag team partner, current Raw GM Kurt Angle, would not think HHH was following his 3 I's, particularly integrity.

9. Regal Cutter

This was quite ungentlemanly from the Englishman, NXT GM William Regal.

10. Teddy Long shoe throw

Who throws a shoe? Honestly?


Trish Stratus is a fitness icon, entrepreneur and actress. Recognized as one of WWE's all-time greats, Trish is a seven-time Women's Champion and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. Trish has dedicated her life to health and fitness and upon retiring from WWE, she parlayed her success and passion into her fitness lifestyle brand, Stratusphere. In 2010, she launched a line of retail products which includes yoga and fitness equipment and a line of fitness DVDs. She further expanded her offerings with a line of wellness teas.

Trish lives in Toronto with her husband and high school sweetheart Ron, and their two children Max and their newest addition, Madison. 

For more on Trish visit or follow her on social media @trishstratuscom

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