Jane Bull's Crafting Tips for Children

Jane Bull's Crafting Tips for Children

Jane Bull has been an important part of DK for over 30 years, being one of the original designers who worked on our famed Eyewitness series for kids – as well as dozens of her own books - including Made by Me and Stitch by Stitch.

Her amazing creativity has earned her the designation “Craft Guru” amongst all of us who have worked with her – and those of us who have enjoyed her books over the last decade.

In honour of the publication of Jane's latest book. Get Set, Sew - a beginner's guide to sewing using a sewing machine, we asked Jane to provide us with some exclusive tips to get kids excited about crafting. 

You can follow the adventures of Jane Bull on Twitter @janebulldoll

1. Spark up some ideas – What are their interests? Find reference for inspiration – there are lots of craft books, kids magazines and online sites. Look out for workshops where they can join in to give them a taster.

2. Be prepared – Keep a craft box to hand gather up materials and equipment such a scissors, sticky tape, paper and pens. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a youngster enthused about making something and you don’t have basics ready.

3. Join in – to get things started it helps if they see you having a go too. More often than not you’ll be needed to help with cutting and sticking and figuring out instructions.

4. Getting messy – being crafty can generate a bit of mess but don’t freak out. Cover up tables, floors…and children if necessary.  Things can soon be packed up and tidied away. 

5. Encouragement – be positive, nothing needs to be perfect. It should be fun.​



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