Wheel of Wellness from The Tea Book

Wheel of Wellness from The Tea Book

TeaHave you ever noticed how a nice warm cup of mint tea seems to ease your stomach? Or a cup of chamomile feels like a blanket and just puts you to sleep? Or when a cold or sore throat pops up, ginger tea is the first step on your road to recovery?

Tea has long been consumed for its health properties; in fact, tea was first used as a medicinal beverage in China to regulate internal body temperatures and stimulate the mind. Today the wealth of new research on tea is highlighting more health benefits than the original tea pioneers could ever have imagined.

It goes beyond just green, white, and black tea. Plants have a number of medicinal properties and can be used to help treat various ailments.The Tea Book’s Wheel of Wellness lists ingredients according to the medical conditions they can ease, as a guide to help you prepare your herbal tea.

Get over 100 tea recipes, health information, and a history of tisane in The Tea Book.

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