Top Tips for Going Veggie for a Week

Top Tips for Going Veggie for a Week

Whilst the idea of saying goodbye to meat forever may seem a bit daunting, why not try it out first by eating veggie for just a week? With thousands of delicious recipes out there and supermarkets providing a wide range of vegetarian products, going veggie can be easy. Here are some top tips for going veggie for the week:

1. Do some recipe research

You might be finding it hard to know what to make for each meal but with so many great veggie recipes waiting for you to discover, you’ll soon be finding it hard to choose just a few!

2. Plan your meals

Draw up a plan for the week, packing your days with great veggie meals. You’ll feel more in control if you know what you’ll be eating next. Making a plan will prevent you getting caught hungry and craving the nearest beef burger. Plus, you can see all the delicious food you have to look forward to!

3. Buy the right food

Armed with your new meal plan, head to the shops and buy everything you’ll need for your new veggie diet. You don’t want to get caught with no vegetarian food in the cupboards and a rumbling stomach.

4. Spice things up

Keep things fresh by trying different meals each day. Get creative and experiment with spices and sauces to mix up the same ingredients each day for a completely different veggie dish.

5. Don’t do it alone

Like most things, this challenge will be more enjoyable if you’re not doing it alone, so encourage your family and friends to join you. Not only will you save time and money by sharing the cooking and shopping, but everyone knows that food tastes best when shared. Give everyone an excuse to gather round the table and invite everyone over for a great big veggie banquet.

Rise to the challenge and try your hand at eating veggie for a week!

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