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Strange but true!

Strange but true!

The world is a funny place. Go for a stroll in Morocco and you might spot some goats teetering in treetops, searching for their favourite food. In Madagascar, meanwhile, Verreaux's sifaka lemurs put on a great show, Saturday Night Fever-style. Tourists flock to one Caribbean beach, not to admire the white sands and crystal waters, but to gasp at the aeroplanes flying just metres above their heads. And only the bravest dare to leap from hand-built wooden towers on the island of Vanuatu, with just a vine strapped around their ankles.

Take a tour of the strangest spectacles around the globe with DK’s Strange But True! – navigating lunar landscapes, rainbow hills, and scalding blood-red lakes, bypassing bloodthirsty ticks, killer plants, and armies of crabs, and narrowly avoiding fire tornadoes, volcanic lightning, and colossal stones that seem to float across the desert. Along the way, you’ll pick up fact after amazing fact about a huge range of topics.

Did you know that there’s a colossal crater of fire in the Turkmenistan desert that has been burning for more than 40 years? Or that a single glacier covers almost 10 per cent of Iceland?

Did you know that about half of the residents of one Australian town live underground, whereas the Korowai people of New Guinea build their lofty treetop homes up to 35 metres above the ground? Freedivers can reach depths of more than 100 metres on a single breath, and in some parts of the world, children dice with death daily just to get to school.

Where’s the place to go if you want to hurl tomatoes, get soaked in a supersized water fight, or build giant snowmen? Which flowers reek of rotting flesh, and which tree bleeds? And did you know that most people have miniscule mites living in their eyelashes?

We trawled through hundreds of images and pages and pages of lists to find all these answers! We contacted photographers in far-flung locations. We even launched a DK-wide competition in our hunt for inspiration – and gained a peculiar insight into what makes people go, “Wow!” But in the end, we could only choose the best – and strangest – pictures and we put them all in Strange But True!.


Written by Victoria Pyke

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